Instyle Executive Travel

Terms & Conditions


1. Colin Longmore trading as InStyle Executive Travel ("We", "Us", "Our");and

2. The customer and / or passenger and / or client ("You", "Your") 


It is agreed as follows:



1. If You cancel a booking within the 72 hour period prior to the agreed departure time You will remain liable to pay the entirety of the agreed hire charge.


2. If You cancel a booking between 72 hours and 14 days prior to the agreed departure time You will be liable to pay 50% of the agreed hire charge.


3. Deposits (where provided) are non-refundable.


Route travelled and delays

4. We shall make reasonable endeavours to arrive at the agreed pick up point at the agreed departure time.  However, no responsibility is accepted for delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.  Without prejudice to the generality of the above, We shall not be liable for delays caused by: adverse weather conditions, strike action, abnormal traffic volume, vehicle breakdowns, accidents, flight delays, acts of god, civil conflict, war or force majeure.


Additional charges

5. In the event that You are not present and ready to depart at the agreed departure point at the agreed time, You shall be liable to pay a waiting charge as follows:


(a) the first 15 minutes shall be free of charge;


(b) thereafter £40 per hour (or part thereof).


6. Requests for variations or additions to the agreed route or destination or requests by You for Us to wait at any stage during the journey may be accepted at Our sole discretion. 


If such a variation or addition is agreed You will be liable to pay additional charges calculated as the greater of:


(a) £2.00 per mile (or part thereof) for a saloon car; or £2.50 per mile (or part thereof) for a people carrier, or


(b) £10 for every 15 minutes (or part thereof)


7. You may be liable for any out of pocket expenses incurred by Us on your behalf (save for fuel costs and the costs of maintaining and operating Our vehicles), including (but not limited to) car parking charges and tolls.


8. In the event that Our vehicle is soiled and / or damaged by You, You will be liable to reimburse to Us all costs reasonably incurred by Us in cleaning the vehicle and / or having the vehicle repaired.  You will also be liable to pay to Us the sum of £100 for each day or part thereof that the vehicle is unable to used for Our business whilst it is being repaired and / or cleaned.


Liability for Loss and Damage

9. We accept no liability for damage to or loss of (whether by theft or otherwise) Your luggage or personal belongings.


10. We accept no liability for bodily injury, sickness or death save where the same is caused as a result of Our negligence.


11. We accept no liability for any losses suffered by You as a result of delay. For the avoidance of doubt, We accept no liability in the event of a flight or other transport departure being missed.


The Route

12. The route travelled will be determined by Us at our sole discretion. No liability is accepted if the route travelled is not the shortest or quickest route available.  In determining the route, We shall take account of the traffic conditions, road works, weather and such other matters that we determine to be relevant.



13. We shall transport a reasonable and safe amount of luggage included within the agreed hire charge.  We reserve Our right to refuse to transport luggage that We consider to be excessive and / or unsafe.  Without prejudice to the generality of the above, We shall not transport: unsafely packed luggage; weapons, explosives, firearms or flammable items; excessively heavy luggage or any unlawful item.


Other Conditions

14. We reserve the right to cancel or decline a booking if You or any of the passengers are abusive, are thought to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs or are otherwise considered by Us to represent a risk to the driver, the vehicle or other passengers or road users.


15. In the event that We cancel or decline a booking in accordance with clause 14 above, You remain liable to pay the entirety of the agreed hire charge, including any additional charges incurred.


16. You agree that all passengers will wear seatbelts correctly throughout the duration of the journey.  You must inform the driver immediately if any of the seatbelts in the vehicle are missing or not functioning correctly.  No liability is accepted for loss or damage suffered as a result of the non or misuse of seatbelts.


17. You agree not to smoke inside or in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle.


18. We reserve the right to change the vehicle at any point.


19. We take pride in the quality, comfort and cleanliness of Our vehicles.  However, We will not provide any discount, reimbursement or financial compensation whatsoever in the event of the vehicle falling below the standards of comfort that You might expect, including (but not limited to) failure with the vehicles heating system, air conditioning system, climate control systems, windows, doors or entertainment devices.



Invoice payments must be made within 7 days of the date of travel.  In the event of non-payment within this 7 day period, interest shall accrue at a daily rate of 8% per annum from the date of travel to the date of receipt by us of cleared funds.  You shall also be liable to pay to Us a late payment administration fee of £100.


This Agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales. All disputes shall be submitted to the sole jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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